The "S" Word

*Clutches Pearls*

Are we still talking about beauty services?! Yes. Yes, we are.

That "S word" that your wax service provider scolds you for....come know EXACTLY what word I'm thinking of.


What's the big deal? You had some new growth and didn't want to wait the 4-6 week time period for regular maintenance. We totally get it. I mean, we both know how you feel about unwanted hair sprouting up...I mean, it IS the reason why we met in the first place. Waxers are very understanding to this conundrum even IF we seem a little annoyed.

Wait...let's take a step back. Have you ever wondered WHY your wax lady has an entire cow when she somehow manages to uncover your little "S-word" rendezvous that you tried to keep from coming to light? How could she tell anyway? What's the big deal? WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH! Is she making it hurt on purpose because I shaved? Of course not.

Well now, let's begin answering these queries, shall we?

First, let's explore what happens when you shave.

Shaving by definition is the removal of hair by using a razor or bladed implement to slice it down to the level of skin. Whether you are using a shaving cream or coconut oil, shaving is shaving. It is simply cutting the hair down to skin level but not actually removing the hair from the root. WAXING removes the hair from the root and depending on your human hair growth cycle, should last from 4-6 weeks. Although, some people may have regrowth within a week. It all depends on your body and hair growth.

Now, because the hair is not actually REMOVED from the root, you will experience hair regrowth faster. Not only will the hair come back faster, it now has a sharper edge. Short hair with a sharp edge is less flexible and forces through the pore as opposed to naturally growing out with a tapered edge. Simply put, the hair has been blunted by the blade. There lies the answer as to how your wax specialist can tell that you've been shaving. The hair is coarser and sharper at the end. If you notice, new growth that occurs after a previous wax is usually softer and seems much thinner.

Due to the previously waxed hair being thinner and having that tapered edge, your next wax is much less painful. So no, we are not trying to hurt you. We would much rather you come in more frequently than to go home and shave to "cut corners". Ha! (I hope you appreciated the dad joke I inserted).

Also, the more often you get waxed, the higher your chances of having permanent hair loss in some places. Hair will become weakened and will just stop producing new growth altogether. This is only in some cases so please don't expect permanent results after a few sessions. As I stated before, it all depends on how your body and hair responds. However, it is definitely a possibility.

Ingrown hair bumps. Arrrrggghhh! The vain of one's existence...I know. Well, these can occur with waxing but more often with shaving. Psuedofolliculitis barbae anyone? Razor bumps. Itchy inflammation caused by razors. It creates scarring, darkening and sometimes infection from bacteria getting into these bumps and becoming pus filled. YIKES!

Proper maintenance after waxing is key to avoiding ingrown hairs. Exfoliation, a great cleanser and soothing after care will get you the smooth results you crave. Your specialist can recommend some great products as most likely, they happen to be skin care specialists as well. My personal fave is tea tree oil cleansers, a good salt/sugar scrub and a chamomile soothing balm.

So please, do yourself AND your wax specialist a favor and put the razors down. No one likes having to restart from day one when we've finally got you back on track to smooth sailings and happy high cuts again.

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