Dear Fall: Please be nice to my skin :(

It's that time of year again. The time that we wake up and step outside just to be greeted by a crisp chill in the morning, instead of hair frizzing humidity. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, paired with every chilly morning is a cooler night. As temperatures continue to drop; we start adding on heavier moisturizers and less deodorant to get us through the day. Is slathering on a pound of lotion really the only answer to our chilly weather woes? Do we really need to get waxed in the winter? I mean, it's not like anyone is going to be snuggling with our legs besides our pets or significant other. What does it matter?

It matters. It absolutely matters.

Let's reflect on our behavior before the chill. We were sun bums. Beach trips, tanning, swimming, hiking, walking around the neighborhood with our skin being kissed by Helios himself.

Well, well, well...if it isn't the consequences of our own actions...Ugh! I know. There's always a price to pay for bliss. Sun exposure breaks down our very precious collagen resulting in premature aging and loss of our supple youthfulness. Hopefully, you wore sunscreen; regardless of the amount of melanin your body has blessed you with. MELANIN IS NOT A FORM OF SUNSCREEN! No matter your complexion, you should be protecting your skin! Now that I have chastised you enough on the subject of wearing sunscreen or lack there of, let's get into what we SHOULD be doing this fall in preparation for winter.

1) Get your essential fatty acids and antioxidant foodie on. Eat. Drink. Be well.

2) Does the sun stop shining because it gets colder? NO. Wear your sunscreen or products with sunscreen on exposed skin. Every. Freaking. Day.

3) EXFOLIATE. EXFOLIATE. EXFOLIATE. Products will not absorb into your skin if it's not clean. Moisturizing dead skin cells is pointless and a waste of money. All it will do is sit and pile up (Gross).

4) Get your facials. Your skin is going to need a little extra TLC while recovering from sand and sun blasting. A skin care specialist will be able to evaluate your skin and customize your skin's product needs in order to preserve your pretty.

5) Get a vajacial. Wait....what? You read that right. Same concept as a facial but this treatment is to treat the skin issues down under. Not UNDER under but the Mons Pubis to address any ingrown hairs or dark spots that you want to work on before next summer rolls around.

6) CONTINUE WAXING!!! I can't stress this enough. As the temperature cools outside, you may notice that you don't need to get waxed as often. Totally normal. You may be able to stretch from 4-6 weeks to 6-8 weeks. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean stop waxing altogether!

What happens when you stop waxing for the winter?

Remember your first wax? Sucked, right? Now you're pretty used to the feeling of waxing. Still thinking of actually stopping and coming back 6 months later? You'll be right back to the feeling of the very first time you had a strip laid on you.

Not only that...Now you're probably going to lose your hard earned results. The bumps were just starting to go away! Your skin is glowing! (Cries internally)

It's frustrating for you and your wax specialist. We just want you to have the best results. Starting at square one every summer is a bummer for everyone involved.

Lastly, as the temperatures drop, so does the moisture in the air. Winter hair is easy to break and letting it grow out beyond the "grain of rice" is going to need extra work to remove. Waxing regularly will just keep the skin clean, smooth and ready to be exfoliated properly. Exfoliation allows product absorption and your skin to breathe. You should be replenishing not only the moisture on the outside but the inside too! DRINK YOUR WATER! Drinking water also combats"winter hair" as moisture depletion is one of the main causes of both skin and hair problems.

Okay Belles and Beaus...until next time! Au revoir!

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