Is it going to hurt?!

Bonjour, my loves!

I know the first time wax jitters are a little overwhelming. Maybe you've been waxing consistently and you still have anxiety every time your next service date is approaching. Have no fear! I have compiled a "Things to make your waxing experience not so scary" list...Whew! That was a long title...

Let's get into it!

1) Don't wait TOO long. The longer the hair, the more it hurts! You only need to have your hair be the same length as a grain of rice for the wax to grab it. No need to grow it out. However, if it's your first time, just let your waxing specialist trim you down. Don't try to do it yourself. We would rather trim your bush than try to grab all the previously shaved stubble.

2) EXFOLIATE. I'm yelling because this is super important. Exfoliating makes it easier for the hairs to come out and opens your pores up. Exfoliate EVERY day. Especially the week before your appointment. Don't exfoliate immediately before your waxing. Your skin will be too sensitive. I would say 12-24 hours before with a gentle exfoliation is fine.

3) Take a pain reliever 30-45 minutes before your waxing appointment.

4) Stop shaving and using hair removal techniques other than waxing. You are only making it harder on yourself. Just be patient. I know it's difficult but the effects of shaving and other hair removal treatments are detrimental to the quality of your results.

5) Pack your headphones. This is a personal favorite of mine. Putting in your headphones and focusing on your music makes it much easier. You're not focusing so much on what's currently happening and you're distracting your brain from the point of pain to pleasure through music (It's alllll in your head).

6) Trust your wax specialist. It's important to trust the person and their skills. Now if it's your first time, try to find someone that's been doing this for awhile. Someone new is just as nervous as you are. Not saying that they won't do an amazing job. We all have to start somewhere. However, if you're extremely terrified, you may just want to have your first time with someone well-seasoned. At least until your basically a waxing veteran that fears NOTHING.

7) Don't watch the videos. I know. In the era of oversharing through social media, I'm asking for almost the impossible. However, every waxing situation is different. Waxes are different. Waxing techniques are different. Bodies are built different. People's pain thresholds are immensely different. Hair patterns are different. Hair textures are different. Different, different and different. Everyone's experiences are different. Just prepare yourself for your own experience.

8) Tell your wax specialist THE TRUTH. We don't want to know what medications you are taking for gossip purposes. We are only interested in knowing if you are taking certain medications because they are contraindications. "Contra" what?! Contra-inda-cations. These are the annoying reasons behind why we ask such personal questions. Some medications WILL result in really, really bad situations. Skin damage, bleeding, burning, etc. So, please tell us if you are taking anything so we can tend to you appropriately or present you with safer alternatives.

9) No tanning either 2 days before OR after your waxing. Waxing IS a form of exfoliation. That being said, you can end up with burns or pigmentation problems.

10) Remember to BREATHE. We know you're nervous. Yes, it is going to hurt. It will be quick and the results are so worth it! Last thing anyone wants is for you to hyperventilate. Also, holding your breath is making your nerves go haywire. Consciously breathe through the experience and it will be over before you know it.

Okay Belles and Beaus. Ta-Ta for now.


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