Bumpy and Grumpy...The After Wax Blues

The bumps aka "After Wax Blues". They happen to the best of us. You exfoliate every day, never shave and follow your wax specialist's advice to the T! Well, closer to P but...close enough to T! How can I still be getting bumps???

Fret not, my sweet. Your fairy wax mother is here.

So what are these bumps in the first place? Well, they can come from a multitude of different things but we'll address the most common ones.

1) Your skin's reaction to being waxed. If it's your first time waxing or your thousandth, your skin is just reacting to the hair being pulled out of the follicle. So, inside of the follicle, is where the hair lives. The force of pulling the hair out of this follicle is pretty traumatic and your skin doesn't like that very much. So as a result, it causes inflammation and swelling of the follicle itself. This inflammation usually subsides in a day or two.

2) Your response to the empty follicles. Now that your follicles are inflamed and angry at you for wanting nothing more than to be the hairless goddess/male model that you are, this is where things get crucial. If not tended to properly, they will fill with liquid or infection (insert cringe).

3) These bumps can be red, itchy, white, small and annoying. That is what they are. Little annoyances OR possibly ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs tend to stick around after the little bumps have subsided.

BUT ALAS...Your fairy wax mother is here to save the day! (Or the night...whenever you may read this)

How to prevent and TREAT those little bumps:

1) EXFOLIATE. Do I really need to reiterate this? EXFOLIATING IS KEY to maintaining your waxing results and cleaning out those pores. You can simply make an exfoliator or buy one. Please pay attention to the labels and be careful of certain "ingrown hair" saviors. Certain essentail oils and ingredients can be too harsh in high concentrations. Knowing what type of skin you have will definitely make this easier for you. If you've done the trial and error thing, you may want to consider using a different exfoliating technique. Instead of just looking for a particular scrub, you can use an exfoliating brush. Look into a chemical peel or even a simple washcloth! You just want to be getting all of the dead skin cells off.

2) Keep the skin clean. I always suggest witch hazel

because it's soothing and a wonderful astringent. It can be used on the genitalia and will help keep those pores clean while they're open and susceptible to bacteria. Alcohol is a No No! It's TOO drying and harsh. The thing is, skin is supposed to maintain a healthy PH level and a certain level of oiliness. Your skin is not supposed to be squeaky clean. Clean. Not SQUEAKY clean. If you deplete the skin's natural oil level too much, it will begin secreting...you guessed it...MORE oil. Balance, My Loves. Balance.

3) No tight clothing at least for 24-48 hours. Those follicles are angry and open. The last thing they want is to be constricted into a tight, sweaty and rubbing garment. They hate that and you will pay for these trangressions. Keep it light. Cotton is a fave because it's a breathable material.

4) A cool compress or shower can help with the irritation. You don't need to hold ice to your skin, but a cool washcloth can be helpful.

5) Hydrocortisone cream or a light moisturizer. Personally, I'm a huge fan of aloe vera gel. It's light, absorbs to the skin and you don't need to put on a lot of it for the benefits. Look for a water based moisturizer, cream or gel to soothe irritation.

6) Consider your aftercare products. They may be too harsh for YOUR skin. What may work for others, doesn't mean it'll necessarily work for you. Try switching products if you don't see any progress. This goes for your favorite go-to products as well. Your skin may actually get used to a particular product and it's effectiveness may drop or just seem to stop working altogether. Try something new to rotate with your "swear-by-it" product and you should see those glowing results that you once had.

Alright, Ladies and Gents, that is all for now. Your fairy wax mother is signing out.

Au Revoir! XOXO

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