Water, please. No lemon

Water. I am notorious for ordering water when I dine out. The looks I get are usually a mix of confusion, sympathy or full understanding. You wouldn't think it was such a taboo since it usually comes as a free beverage before a meal anyway.

No, it's not because of sobriety, budgeting or weight loss. I just love water. I love the benefits of drinking water and the feeling of being truly hydrated is still unmatched. I'm talking pure water. No flavors, additives or fruity side squeezes involved. So what are the benefits of drinking water, you ask? LET'S DIVE RIGHT IN!

Bahahaha! Can't resist a good dad joke.

Now, scientifically it hasn't been proven that water can eliminate wrinkles or make a huge difference in your skin. I know right? SHOCKING! However, let's put on our thinking caps.

What does water do to your body? Your skin is your largest organ. You can not survive without it. You can survive a fire, but you can still die from your burns (Morbid truth). You absolutely, positively need your skin.

Water is a vital part in how your internal organs operate. Everything from your digestive system to your nervous system. Think of your body as being a machine. In essence, that is exactly what it is. The water is the oil you need to keep going. If there is no oil, there is no movement and eventually everything will seize and one thing will lead to another. One problem becomes 3 problems, then becomes a MAJOR issue.

Water aids the body in detoxification. Increasing your body's level of hydration increases your blood circulation. Cells NEED water to function. If you are dehydrated, your cells will begin taking water from your blood instead of a ready to use water supply. What happens then? Your blood thickens. Ever tried to get your blood drawn without drowning yourself in water a day or two before? Not fun. You'll have to get multiple pricks and your veins will most likely collapse trying to push the blood through a tiny hole into a jar.

Now, with all of that being said, water is the key to great skin. Your skin is moisturized through sebum or oil that it produces. If you keep yourself hydrated, the organs that produce this oil can function properly and work the way they are designed to. However, drinking water is not the only solution. You will still need to hydrate the skin topically and preserve it through healthy foods and lifestyles.

There is a such thing as drinking TOO MUCH water. You can find out the ideal amount of water you should take in a day by using a water intake estimator based on height/weight OR by listening to your body. When you are thirsty, grab water instead of something else. It's honestly that simple. Drink water. Save your body.

Here's a hydration calculator to get you started. Go on...Click the picture <3

Okay Belles and Beaus!

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