Fall/Winter Waxing Tips

As the temperatures cool, leaves fall and clocks get turned back, it also resets our skincare regimens. So buckle up, buttercup. It's time to come up with the perfect pre/post wax game plan to keep you smooth and on schedule.


1) Lay off the wine and coffee (WHAT...I know...just lend me your eyes for a few minutes), for the night before and morning of your appointment. You want to be as hydrated and moisturized as possible when you arrive for your waxing. When you're dehydrated, it's more difficult to get the hair to come out because your skin is gripping on to every one for dear life. Up your water intake the week of your waxing appointment and just hold off until after your appointment for that caffeine boost. If I'm asking for too much, just slip a bottle of water in before your morning coffee.

2) PRE-BOOK your waxing appointments. When you pre-book your appointment, it not only keeps you not on schedule, but it also makes your next appointment much less painful and quick. All waxers have their own booking/cancellation policies so PLEASE check to see what your wax specialist requires if you need to reschedule your appointment. Also, add your appointment into your personal calendar to remind you of your upcoming booking. Pre-booking lets you know when you have arrived at your ideal waxing window. You don't want to go past 1-3 weeks of this ideal timing.

3) Plan around your period! This one is strictly for the ladies, Beaus. Try not to wax the week before or after your period. You are hyper-sensitive around this time. Getting waxed the week before your period may leave you feeling like your wax didn't last very long. This is normal. Your estrogen level decreases around this time while the progesterone and testosterone increase. This ultimately results in your hair growing back in all too soon.

4) Dress comfortably BUT not like yoga comfortable. Leave the tights and tight jeans at home. I encourage sweats and loose fitting clothing. Not only is the skin more sensitive, it needs to breathe. No panties or lace undies either. No elastic on your thigh creases. We want to baby the skin after, so if you MUST wear undies, cotton is key. Boy shorts or hipsters are better options. Try to go for just white or ones without a bunch of color in them. Dyes can be irritating so, "better safe than sorry", I always say.

5) Exfoliate 2-3 times a week but moisturize TWICE A DAY. You should be focusing on moisturizing now more than ever. Yes, even down there. Moisturize in the morning and at night. It softens the skin and keeps it nice and easy to pull the hairs out for the same exact reason as #1. You want to make sure to exfoliate the NIGHT BEFORE your waxing appointment and moisturize after. Be sure to use something that won't clog the pores. I'm in love with pubic oils to follow up a good manual exfoliation.

6) If using a chemical exfoliator, stop using it at least a week before your next waxing appointment. Waxing is a form of exfoliation so you have to let the first layer of skin rest and heal to decrease sensitivity. If there is a moisturizing product that goes with your chemical exfoliator, GET IT! It not only re-hydrates the skin but the ingredients most likely compliment eachother.

Okay Belles & Beaus. That's all for now.


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