The Wonder of the Skin Down Under

Go down the feminine care aisle and quickly be overwhelmed by the amount of products on the shelves. There's literally hundreds of products to choose from. An even more overwhelming and fairly upsetting thing to do is; to read social media posts about vaginas and how they should look, perform and smell.

There's wipes, sprays, floral washes, citrus scents, fruity washes, foaming washes, natural remedies and more.

So which ones do you really need?

Well, honestly speaking, none.

Nevertheless, if you feel more comfortable using a product to wash with, let's explore feminine hygiene.

A list of things you can do, to not do and should do:

1) Laundry detergent. You should be washing any garments that touch this area with something free of dyes and perfumes. If you share washers and dryers, hand wash these garments with this type of detergent. You don't want what someone else used before you to make it's way into your delicate threads. Hold off on fabric softeners and dryer sheets. The goal is to wash your underwear and keep it free of irritants including scents.

2) Wear cotton underwear. Not just underwear with the cotton stitched in. ALL cotton or go commando. If you have to wear pantyhose, cut a diamond out in the crotch section. You have to let it BREATHE.

3) Avoid tight clothing. Same reason as above. The skin needs breathability. Wet bathing suits and sweaty exercise clothes should be removed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

4) No soap. You should use a mild cleanser. Soap strips skin of it's natural oils; both the mons pubis and vulva skin are especially sensitive. Nothing needs to clean the inside. NOTHING SHOULD BE CLEANING THE INSIDE.

5) USE YOUR HAND. When washing, simply use your hand. Open up folds gently and allow water to pass through to rinse off ALL the cleanser.

6) Use warm water not hot.

7) Pat dry instead of rubbing.

8) Keep it simple. Do not use fragranced, deodorized, perfumed or scientifically enhanced (Triple dry effect, won't leak through for 48 hours, etc.) products including pads and tampons. Every single product that touches this skin will have an effect.

9) If you don't know what an ingredient is or what it does, Google it. The internet is a vast place full of information. Some ingredients are necessary additives for preservation reasons but if you can't identify MOST of the ingredients, HARD PASS.

10) Before using an oil, cream, ointment or gel, find out it's comedogenic rating. Vaseline is suprisingly, non-comedogenic and is great if you have raw areas on your bikini line to protect from outside friction.

11) Drink water. You don't need a moisturizer for your vagina. You need to drink more water and eat more fruits/vegetables with high water content. (If you still feel the need to moisturize, you can use natural oils. Remember! You have pores that can be clogged down there. Use very little and very light oils such as jojoba or grapeseed).

Remember this is for the OUTSIDE! JUST the vulva and mons pubis.

Okay Belles. That's all for now.


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