No one will ever know what went down last night. Give yourself a full body caffeine boost to wake up, firm up, and keep those late night shenanigans all to yourself. Your skin will never spill your secrets...well, just the good kind.


    May be used for face and body.


    What coffee can do for your skin:


    • Caffeine has the ability to naturally restrict the blood vessels responsible for causing swelling and inflammation.

    • Coffee’s high antioxidant properties help fight signs of skin fatigue and aging.

    • Combined with nourishing Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Dead Sea Salt, and Grapeseed Oil, our Arabica Coffee Scrub contains coffee grounds that work as an exfoliant to remove all that dead skin to reveal your new glowing, healthy skin.  



    SKU: BK500

      Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt Granules, Dead Sea Salt, Organic Kona Coffee, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Coffee Arabica Seed Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Cacoa Extract, Organic Coconut Extract

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