The G-Box Grooming Set

The G-Box Grooming Set


The G-Box Set comes packed with the essentials for a man's grooming routine. Each product is made for black men and other men of color; is all-natural and crafted with essential oils and plant extracts that moisturizes, heals, protects and cleans. Step up your grooming game with the ultimate grooming set! 


Beard Balm - Whether you’re a bearded veteran or you just started growing your beard, this powerful all-natural balm is packed with the very best ingredients and is a must-have for your #BeardGang arsenal.senal.

The perfect beard grower, softener and moisturizer designed specifically for black men and other men of color; ideal for coarse or curly beards.

3-in1 Body-Wash + Beard Wash + Shampoo - Golden Grooming Co.’s all-natural 3-in-1 body-wash + beard wash + shampoo made with essential oils and plant extracts to cleanse and super moisturize your body, beard and hair!

Don't fall for the marketing hype. You don't need five different products to get fresh, clean and super moisturized; you only need one, and this is it! 

Body Balm/Lotion - Say goodbye to ashy hands, elbows, and feet! If your tough dry skin is making life rough, our body balm is the all natural moisturizer you’ve been waiting for. 

The mixture of essential oils, antioxidants, vitamins K, E and D hydrates, conditions and repairs dry, cracked and ashy skin while protecting it. This all-natural balm can even help heal eczema and psoriasis and its unique silky smooth texture will melt into your skin.

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